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Community Bridges | May 20, 2015

The fourth annual Community Bridges Spring Celebration, held at the Victual Restaurant in the Fifth Ward, provided the opportunity for members of the Rice community and the Fifth Ward community to celebrate another year of partnership and success. Eight groups of Community Bridges interns shared posters about their final projects that they worked on in collaboration with their partner organizations this semester. Read more about some of their projects below:

  • Students interning with CAN DO Houston this semester performed a literature review for three components of the organization: the Healthy Lifestyle Program, the Mobile Produce Unit, and the School and Community Gardens. This allowed the interns to compile best practices of similar programs to share with the organization.
  • The Covenant Community Capital interns examined the rate of success and failure of clients in homeownership according to various socioeconomic and demographic factors. Based on the research, they provided organizational level feedback to promote greater program graduation success.
  • Four interns with the Pleasant Hill Leadership Institute created the curriculum for the summer program. Programs such as PHLI are vital for students over the summer to combat summer learning loss that leads to hindered success later in the school year.
  • One intern with School Literacy and Culture worked with the story basket program to create various resources for the program and to implement the program at Small Steps Nurturing Center. Another intern evaluated funder communications and relations with School Literacy and Culture to improve social media and visual forms of communication.

Thanks to everyone who helped to make this year with Community Bridges a success!